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10 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Jobs to Make Extra Money in 2019

Thanks to the evolution of the digital landscape, there are creative and lucrative ways to generate money online and make a stable living.

Today, there are unique designations and job openings available which weren't even born 5 to 10 years ago.

The way we connect with people, showcase our ideas, explore new talent, promote services, allow us to work from anywhere yet contribute effectively to the role.

Affiliate marketing is a one such business model that can help you make millions of dollars by just sitting on your couch at home and selling what you genuinely believe in.

Just like any other business, affiliate marketing also requires a talented and hardworking team who can deliver results.

If you are managing multiple websites and signing up for different affiliate programs, you will need a robust team who can get things done for you and collectively, you all can achieve dynamic business goals.

If you know graphic designing, write ad copies, understand search engine algorithms, or develop significant marketing research, keep reading this article because we have great tips for you to make extra money in 2019.

Read on to know more the potential affiliate marketing jobs to make extra money in 2019.

1. Affiliate Manager

If you are a company which runs an affiliate marketing program where people can enroll themselves to become an affiliate of your brand, you will need an affiliate manager who can streamline the entire process.

As an affiliate manager, your job is to provide the advertisers a platform or a communication channel where they can track their affiliate marketing campaigns, links, purchases, commissions, and dozens of other things to offer an effective solutions to their readers. 

Moreover, you can help the enterprise work with only those website owners who have an engaging website for higher affiliate partner who can skyrocket your online sales through affiliate marketing.

All these activities must be covered elegantly and effortlessly to create a win-win situation for your company and affiliate.

So, affiliate manager is an emerging career option where you will oversee affiliate operations of an organization. You will be responsible for brainstorming and executing promotions, advertisements, marketing, recruitments, communications, etc. for the brand’s affiliate program.

2. Graphic Designer

In the affiliate marketing sphere, anyone who wants with affiliates or sell the product as an affiliate would need the intuitive design to stay ahead in the game.

The platform that sells products has to be unique and attractive enough to grab the attention of your users and encourage them to take your desired action.

Designing affiliate marketing campaigns and websites are crucial tasks for executing successful affiliate marketing campaigns. Graphic designing allows a brand to elevate its visual appeal and engage a relevant audience.

As a graphic designer, if you can create social media posts, article images, product images, video thumbnails, brand logo, website logo, event creatives, and can cope with everything related to multimedia requirements for affiliate marketing business; you have a solid career option to earn some extra cash.

3. Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms at the moment. With 2.38 billion active monthly users, the social media giant provides an exceptional channel to let people connect, share views, and build community.

An affiliate marketing business can target Facebook audience by strategically promote products and services to achieve dynamic business goals.

Through Facebook ads, the business can get more signups, app installs, leads, subscribers, engagement, page likes, followers, website, messenger conversation, product purchase, video views, media awareness, etc.

Facebook advertising has a dynamic range of different types of objectives that you can accomplish by promoting your products and services through social media posts.

However, there are so many people that are already leveraging the power of Facebook advertising and heavily investing in social media advertisement to get that age.

So, if you are someone who loves social media platforms and know how to make people click your ad, you might have a good career option.

Affiliate marketing businesses can hire dedicated Facebook ads expert who can creatively promote the products and ensure maximum online conversions.

Facebook advertisement expert will take care of the burden brainstorming, targetting, and analyzing the ads.

Business can target new customers and expect instant results with the help of an ideal Facebook advertisement. Compared to organic marketing option, the Facebook ad will give you quick profits.

Moreover, you will be helping to save a lot of hard work and money of an affiliate marketing business as the enterprise doesn't have to invest its time and resources to experiment Facebook advertisement.

Your insights and expertise will help the business achieve quick desired results and more profits.

4. PPC Campaign

PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is the method of charging marketers based on the number of clicks their ads receive.

Search engines like Google have a dedicated advertising platform named as Google ads, which allows you to target more people through ads like search, display, PLA, video, etc.

Just like you leverage social media campaign to promote your brand, you can advertise your affiliate marketing business using PPC ads of Google.

This way, the merchant's website will be present at the top of the search results.

Google PPC ads will allow you to showcase essential pages of your website, phone number, location, rates, and prices, etc.

So, if you are someone who has professional experience of Google Ads, you can encash your skills by promoting affiliate marketing business.

5. SEO Expert

SEO is one of the oldest yet profitable digital marketing platforms to promote a business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which improves your website ranking on search engine result pages and brings more traffic to your website for free.

Unlike other paid marketing channels, SEO is entirely organic. It is like the backbone of your website that regularly sales for your business for free.

That said, ensuring that your website ranks better in SERP is not an easy task. As per the fact, there are more than 200 search engine ranking parameters that Google considers to rank a website.

So, if you know how to optimize a website's presence in SERP, try connecting with affiliate marketing businesses to generate extra money in 2019.

6. Media Buyer

To promote your affiliate marketing business, you also need to go for a native advertisement or banner advertisement as per your objectives and budget.

Media buying is a procedure of acquiring space on a third-party website to place your affiliate banner to target that website's visitors and redirect them to your merchant's website or your landing page.

Unlike other marketing platforms, this type of promotional activities will directly target relevant users of third-party websites and attain more conversions.

To place such advertisement banners on other websites, you need to pay a maintenance fee or one-time payment to the website owner to allow your affiliate banner to be placed on the site.

However, just placing your advertisement on another website does not mean that you will experience growth in online conversions and sales.

You must research about websites where you want to publish your ad. You must determine whether the website relevant to your niche and competent enough to target new consumers who would be interested in the products which you are selling.

7. Content Writer

They say content is the king. Everything that you see online is a different form of content — articles, blogs, website content, landing page, videos, pictures, infographics, PDF, white paper, ebooks, etc.

Without a content writer, your online marketing activities cannot thrive. Only persuasive content can help you entertain, educate, and convert visitors into buyers.

First, every user will read what you are offering for your content, and only if they found it exciting and relevant, they would visit your web pages to interact with your content and eventually perform your desired tasks.

So, to make users perform specific tasks, your content must be excellent.

To develop engaging and valuable content for your audience, you will need a professional copywriter who can understand your niche's requirements and skilled enough to write a copy which communicates efficiently.

8. Social Media Manager

Although paid social media advertising is an excellent tool through which you can achieve instant results, organic social media marketing activities also have the potential to build loyal followers and increase customers for your business.

As a social media manager, you need to develop a robust social media calendar to schedule relevant social media posts to promote your business effectively.

Thanks to the presence of a social media manager, your social media profiles will always have a fresh and engaging content to offer to your readers, and the readers will never feel empty handed whenever there is it your social media.

9. Affiliate Event Organizer

Affiliate event organizers promote particular events and sell specific products and services of those events to the audience.

This way, the organizer will earn a commission for each sell through the affiliate link.

If you are someone who understands the local events and stay updated with the special days, you can brainstorm and design specific event-based affiliate marketing campaign to get instant sales.

10.Market Research

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can sell any product belong to any niches.

From high profile sophisticated niches to weirdest industries, you can become an affiliate and sell products online and earn a commission.

However, the dark side of affiliate marketing is that it can destroy your business model and stop your journey of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Unless you have an engaging media presence and following, the niche that you are targeting might be already crowded and competitive that you cannot sustain the scenario to monetize your website and business.

So, you need to dig deep into the zone of affiliate marketing to understand what works better and what is currently trending. You must conduct rigorous research before selling particular products.


Based on your talent and liking, you can quickly try one of these affiliate marketing jobs as a side hustle to make extra money in 2019.

If you are already doing affiliate marketing and also have a team of dedicated resources, congrats on already being a step ahead!