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7 Growth Hacking Books to Kickstart Your Marketing in 2019

Growth hacking is a new superhero for startups. It helps them grow exponentially on a tight budget.

The term Growth Hacking has been only around for a few years, but it has spread like wildfire, and it is catching up with almost all industries.

Especially e-commerce has blossomed by using the power of Growth Hacking.

If you look at Facebook, the monthly active users have grown by over 50% between the years 2012 and 2017.

Another most recent example of exponential growth is Airbnb.

Airbnb has had 80M guest arrivals in the year 2016. This figure is almost as much as all the visitors combined since 2009.

The reason for the rapid spreading of Growth Hacking is reasonably straight forward.

It gives you ridiculous growth rates in terms of user base and revenue in a short time.

Plus the terms Growth Hacking itself has a clickbaity feel to it.

So let’s dive deeper into this topic and learn what exactly is Growth Hacking.

What Exactly Is Growth Hacking?

Till now, we have discussed the after-effects of Growth Hacking. Let's now learn what exactly is Growth Hacking.

“Growth Hacking” is a phrase that was introduced by Sean Ellis in 2010. So yes you can call him the original growth hacker.

Growth hacking is being super focused on growing the company rapidly because either the brand grows in time or fades away into the shadows.

Growth Hacking is a process of finding inexpensive, analytical, and creative ways to increase the user base and revenue.

The entire focus is on growth. Moreover, this method is not only used by the digital marketing team; instead, it’s a combined effort of the creative, analytical, and sales team.

Is Growth Hacking Ethical?

The word Hacking seems to be a far fetched one. But not entirely meaningless.

Hacking in general terms would mean gaining access to data and break into systems without permission.

Growth hacking does not fall in this illegal category. However, Growth Hackers are known to use “zero-day-exploits.” A zero-day exploit is a way of using unresolved bugs of a product and using it for their advantage.

Not illegal for sure, but is it ethical?

Now this question can only be answered by the company.

Companies should set boundaries so that they do not cross the line to collect user data.

The boundaries set have a significant impact on the public image of the company. If a company sets out to collect phone numbers and pushes it aggressively on the users, the users would want to stay away from such a campaign.

So ultimately it comes down to the Growth Hackers decisions to either be yang or yin.

7 Growth Hacking Books to Read in 2019

Growth Hacking is an art! The art has to be nurtured and learnt from experts.

Read these top 7 Growth Hacking Books (updated for 2019) to gain access to working strategies.

#1 Olive Valley's Growth Hacking Formula

Author: Andrew Slack

Pages: 45 Pages

Published On: April 8, 2019

Olive Valley, a digital marketing agency, has over 15 years of experience of working with brands and startups looking to scale their business.

In these 15 years, the marketing agency has crafted a formula called: Five P’s of Business Growth.






The 5 P’s are explained in-depth in the book. The formula is tried and tested on their website and for their clients. Hence it’s a proven formula that will surely help you in Growth Marketing.

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#2 Seminal Growth Hacking 21 (#BeMaBe): Strategies, Tactics & the Secret Sauce for going from Haystacks to Shining Star

Author: Peter Buick

Pages: 118 Pages

Published On: July 8, 2018

Instead of writing 100’s of low-quality tactics for Growth Hacking, the author has written 21 precise tactics that produce excellent results.

This book is a part of the 21 short VISUAL BOOKS that have tactics that work wonderfully in the real world.

The tactics mentioned in the book have been working since 1920, but they have been reinvented for the modern digital marketing age.

The unique thing about this book is that it has a low word count. The author stresses on visual content and encourages creating your very own viral campaigns.

Seminal Growth Hacking 21 (#BeMaBe) teaches you to use the emotional drivers of the audiences to increase user engagement.

Peter Buick not only writes about the strategies that work but also answers “HOW” to make Growth Hacking strategies work in real life.

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#3 The Winning Mindset That You Need For Success – Growth Hacking

Author: Anna Harvey

Pages: 84 Pages

Published On: December 8, 2018

Being successful at Growth Hacking requires you to have a winning mindset. Anna Harvey shares her tips and tricks on developing a winning mentality.

The techniques described in the book help you better your thinking processes and truly develop a winning mindset.

Through this book, Anna proves that having the right mindset can have a powerful impact on the results you achieve via Growth Hacking.

The book describes how your current beliefs are limiting you and how you can overcome these limits in three proven steps.

Among the many topics in the book, these three topics were an eye-opener:

  • Fаlling in Lоvе with Yоur Uniqueness
  • Thеrе is Nо Trу, Onlу Do
  • Tаking Aсtiоn: Likе A Mаtсh to Tindеr

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#4 YouTube Affiliate Marketing Secrets for 2019: Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online

Author: Hewitt Magee

Pages: 162 Pages

Published On: March 16, 2019

Hewitt makes the bold statement by saying that you can be a successful Growth Hacker without going through the grind and facing failures.

The author introduces a concept called YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

He states that this method is the faster, more comfortable and an inexpensive way of earning money from home.

All that is required is a camera, a profitable niche and this book.

The book covers basics topics like setting up a youtube channel to more advanced subjects like picking the right products for your audience.

According to Hewitt's promise, if the reader reads the book from page to page and implements all his strategies, the earnings the reader makes will more than makeup for the cost of the book.

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#5 Growth Hacking 101: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Author: Heather Wilde

Pages: 108 Pages

Published On: February 5, 2018

Heather, in her book, has proved that the past inspires the majority of the modern-day strategies.

She explains what Growth Hacking is and how to use these strategies in the real world to get the desired results.

In the book, Heather stresses that it is challenging to rank based on only content. We need a plan to rank our content.

She shares her trade secrets to drive traffic from various and increase conversion rates.

The book also teaches the readers the techniques to use Google Analytics, social media and other analytical tools to dominate the other competitors.

She teaches us to leverage powerful tools and use automation to match the big guys in the same niche.

The book aims explicitly at entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

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#6 Entrepreneur Voices on Growth Hacking

Author: Inc. The Staff of Entrepreneur Media

Pages: 286 Pages

Published On: May 15, 2018

It’s a common practice to take examples of Facebook, Airbnb and Dropbox as companies who used Growth Hacking.

It could be possible that the Growth Hacks used have only worked once. Luckily to showcase the power of Growth Hacking, there are many examples.

In this book, case studies of unconventional entrepreneurs are taken and studied. Also, in the book, there are strategies and tools that these unconventional entrepreneurs have used to grow their business exponentially.

The publication teaches us how strategic partnerships can help us multiply our revenue. It contains useful data to monetise websites using content marketing.

It has guidelines to streamline all process with the help of a dedicated team. The book contains insights about the working of Reid Hoffman's OODA model.

All in all, the publisher has gone out of the way to cover every topic in detail with unique examples.

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#7 Growth Hacking: Innovative Marketing Tactics to grow faster and smarter

Author: George Pain

Pages: 99 Pages

Published On: October 12, 2017

Geroge Pain, while writing this book, makes no assumptions of the reader's knowledge and starts with the very basics of Growth Hacking. The book thus helps you to build a strong foundation.

For George, Growth Hacking is about growing the business faster and smarter using innovative marketing tactics.

The book includes practical techniques on how Growth Hacking should be applied in the real world.

The author states that the key to attracting customers is giving them an excellent first impression. The book helps you get this right.

Following up is essential, but if not done right, you could lose that lead forever. So to prevent this, the author has listed following up hacks that give you better conversions.

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Growth hacking if appropriately done, can reap huge rewards. It can take your business to a whole new level.

However, just like every new strategy, you need to perfect it with trial and error.

To reduce the failure rate, read the above-given books to understand how these strategies work.

So continue learning and implementing Growth Hack strategies to help you build a successful brand faster.