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How To Become a Digital Marketing Analyst in 2019

In this age of digital marketing, data is everywhere. Analyzing the digital data and taking appropriate steps to help improve businesses is the job of a professional.

This professional is an expert Analyst who has the skills to collect, analyze, and then takes the necessary steps to increase those metrics.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst, you are lucky to be born in an era where digital marketing numbers are blowing through the roof.

However, every field has its ups and downs, and this article will hopefully help you answer all the questions you might have before choosing your career as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

We will go through each aspect of becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst in detail so that this post answers all the questions you might have.

So, let’s begin with the most crucial question of who is a Digital Marketing Analyst.

Who is a Digital Marketing Analyst?

A Digital Marketing Analyst is a person who has a more in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.

They have analytical skills that help them understand how a website is performing and the steps that must be taken to improve the conversions.

If I were to summarize the role of a Digital Marketing Analyst, they are supposed to know advance excel sheet workings so that they can jot down all the numbers in one place, analyze them piece by piece and come up with winning digital marketing strategies.

Expectations from a Digital Marketing Analyst

The hiring company or client has a set of expectations when they hire a Digital Marketing Analyst.

The general expectations are as follows:

  1. Should be able to understand the company/client’s goal and accordingly come up with winning digital marketing strategies.
  2. They should be able to set up and successfully run campaigns that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing,
  3. They should then be able to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and gather a report.
  4. Based on the available data, they should be able to come up with Digital Marketing strategies that help in customer acquisition.
  5. Should be a team player so that they can discuss his reports with the creative team and come up with high converting graphics.
  6. An Analyst is also expected to be good at documenting his findings and sharing it with his clients in an easy to understand way.

Quite a list of expectations! If nothing else, a Digital Marketing Analyst is supposed to be at his A-game all the time.

Because it is his efficiency that will either take the business to a whole new level or lose essential opportunities to grow.

Get the Necessary Educational Qualifications

Getting an adequate educational qualification is the first step to becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst.

To get yourself qualified for the post for a Digital Marketing Analyst, here are a few ways:

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree – 78% of employed Digital Marketing Analyst have a bachelor’s degree
  2. It’s a good idea to have studied in the field of Journalism or Marketing to help develop analytical skills.
  3. Of course, the candidate must be well versed with computers.

You can also apply for Digital Marketing Analyst courses at well-known institutes to get certified.

Being certified in the market helps you rank up your credibility.

Some of the best online courses that we can recommend are:

With this qualification and certifications, you can be confident that you are educationally qualified and ready to take up a Digital Marketing Analyst job.

Keep Brushing Up Your Knowledge

In the field of Social Media, nothing is constant. The algorithms are continually changing, audience behavioral changes are hard to predict, and viral posts category defers from time to time.

In such a situation, it is essential that a Digital Marketing Analyst is up to date with his knowledge.

To be updated, its necessary to read as many blogs as possible.

Blogs like Moz, SEMRush, Ahref, Backlinko provide great insight into the world of digital marketing. Their digital marketing reports and articles help you how the market is functioning.

Social media marketing-based blogs like Social Media Examiner come up with well-researched reports and new findings in the social media strategies that work in the real world.

The key is to keep looking out for trends and changes in the field of digital marketing.

Because it’s always the early bird that catches the worm 😉

Before You Start Looking Out for Jobs

Here are a few recommendations to secure your dream job before you go knocking for jobs:

A)  Invest in A Personal Website

Showcase yourself on the internet.

Get a good-looking website that describes you and your work ethics.

Please make sure you spend time designing it to make it stand out from the crowd.

Upload a downloadable Resume for easy access to your credentials.

Also, make sure you have your contact details adequately displayed, to make it easier for the clients to reach you.

B) Build Your Portfolio

Take up analytical jobs and showcase your work as case studies on your website.

Your portfolio becomes proof of your experience and your analytical skills.

It would be challenging to get clients when you don’t have enough experience on your resume.

Approach smaller business and offer to help them for free. It gives you work experience and helps you to do a case study on your website.

C) Make a Robust Profile on LinkedIn

Many B2B businesses are on LinkedIn. Companies looking to hire employees often use LinkedIn.

You can also pitch yourself as a Digital Marketing Analyst to a brand looking to hire.

To make sure you create a great first impression, make up a decent LinkedIn profile with a suitable bio.

Make sure all your educational qualifications are feed-in properly. Certifications should also get a mention on your profile.

The skills section should be aptly filled and should target the right companies.

Place your website link to showcase your work. It makes it easier for the brands to know you and your skills as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

Where to Look For Jobs?

If you are looking for jobs offline, then you have better chances of getting employed in the bigger cities. The bigger cities are centers of data collection, and this is where more prominent brands analyze the available data to increase the conversions.

The better way of looking out for jobs would be to look at jobs listed on online directories.

Every country has its job portals, so do a quick Google search, and filter through the options.

The job listings have the perfect description of the things they are looking for in a Digital Marketing Analyst.

If you think you match their criteria, go ahead, fill-up the form, and expect a call-back.

You also contact the various digital marketing companies via email and check if they have an opening for an Analyst. Last but not least, you can search here, right on our platform.

So, go ahead, lookout for new jobs, and make a name for yourself.

Career Path of a Digital Marketing Analyst

This section can vastly defer from company to company. The information provided here is just an outlook on the career path of a Digital Marketing Analyst.

When you join with zero experience, you will probably join as an Intern.

You will be promoted to “Marketing Analyst” once you gain some experience in the company.

According to studies you will spend approx two years on this post and then be eligible to be a higher post.

The higher post being “Digital Marketing Manager.”

The next step varies vastly from company to company. You could be promoted to a senior “Social Media Manager” or “Writer And Editor” or even be promoted to “Marketing Director.”

Whichever path you come through, you will end up being the “Senior Director Of Marketing.” The post name could vary, but the meaning of the position remains the same. You will be responsible for all the digital marketing strategies that the company decides to use. It takes about 9-12 years to reach the apex position.

Average Salary Package

The pay package is perfect even for analysts who have just started.

If you consider an experienced Digital Marketing Analyst, the average base package in the US is $60,823/yr.

Again, this differs from region to region and company to company.

Growth Prospects

The growth prospects as a Digital Marketing Analyst is enormous.

The US has reported a growth of over 23% per year in this sector. Which means jobs will be available and the salaries will tend to go up annually.


So, all in all, becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst is a fruitful job.

Yes, it has its struggles, and you have to spend a considerable amount of time before you make it to the apex position.

The recent rise of digital marketing has made the post of Digital Marketing Analyst that much more critical.

To conclude,

Becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst is a highly rewarding job both in terms of job satisfaction and monetary gains.

Go, be the best Digital Marketing Analyst there ever was!