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Top 9 Legit CPA Networks to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Career

CPA marketing is one of the trending and legitimate ways to make money online. It has revolutionized the way of referring and earning a commission. Affiliate marketing made laptop Lifestyle possible in this new age.

To begin your affiliate marketing career, you need to find out the products to sell and develop a website to promote that product.

On the website, you have to encourage users to visit a merchant’s website and purchase products. For every successful purchase through your link, you will get a commission from the merchant.

However, the journey of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not that easy. It is easier said than done to sell a product and earn a commission. There is much hard work, dedication, and patience required by the marketer to develop a stable income source through affiliate marketing.

First of all, to make the journey quick and smooth, you must know the profitable and genuine CPA networks which allow you to sell products and sign up for different affiliate marketing programs.

Although there are thousands of affiliate marketing networks that you can choose based on your needs and circumstances, you need to be a little conscious while selecting the CPA network for your affiliate marketing business.

Different networks have different rules, regulations, and attributes that you need to follow in choosing that particular network. Moreover, legitimacy also plays a crucial role while using the CPA network.

So, the network that you choose should be renowned and genuine to have smooth affiliate marketing business for yourself.

To make your process of finding trustworthy networks, we have listed the top 10 legit CPA networks to start your affiliate marketing career.


MaxBounty is one of the leading CPA based affiliate networks that satisfactorily provides a genuine and robust platform for affiliates to earn more and develop affiliate marketing careers.

MaxBounty provides the best rates in the market to its affiliates. They have unique pricing models like CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI to diversify, and payment options to affiliates. 

MaxBounty provides a robust tracking system that intelligently tracks impressions, clicks, conversions.

With the help of its accurate tracking system, you would be able to determine the user behavior and anticipate customers’ expectations to streamline your future affiliate marketing campaigns.

MaxBounty provides weekly payment options and ensures that your payment is cleared within 7 days. Also, to high performing affiliates, the company gives exclusive rewards.

If you need any assistance in choosing campaigns and programs, MaxBounty also provides a dedicated affiliate manager who will guide you in selecting ideal campaigns for your business. 


AdCombo claims that it has revolutionized CPA marketing forever. The company claims that it has one of the most lucrative offers for affiliates and advertisers who won't find any better options in other affiliate networks.

AdCombo believes in delivering the most satisfying user experience through its CPA network.

So, they have localized sales funnels to help you target a particular geographical location and people who speak specific languages.

You can convert your sales and landing pages in more than 40 languages and get the assistance of native speakers 24 by 7 with the help of AdCombo.

The company has developed an in-house framework, through which you can measure your results and enable affiliate links seamlessly. Their team will also help you in the end-to-end integration of affiliate links.


ClickDealer possesses the technical and creative intelligence to skyrocket your affiliate sales with the help of their CPA network. ClickDealer works on business models of CPL, CPA, CPS, CPI, and Revshare.

This particular CPA network is also best for niches like E-Commerce, dating, downloading, gambling, mobile subscriptions, crypto, And sweepstakes. 

ClickDealer has technologically enhanced dashboard system which provides a seamless and intuitive layout to get granular monitoring and controlling of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Along with custom domain parking, you get a dynamic search interface through which you would be able to streamline your product research and offer hunting. You also get a dedicated E-Commerce toolkit and multi-currency support.

For payment options, ClickDealer has 9 different alternatives that you can choose as per your convenience.

ClickDealer also manages referral and reward programs, host worldwide meetups, private parties, exciting contests to engage affiliates.


Clickbooth is an award-winning CPA network that works as a bridge between advertisers and affiliate.

The pricing model of ClickBooth is CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, And CPE. Clickbooth has expertise in generating consistent sales and conversions with the help of a wide range of affiliates, media buyers, online influences who have high storytelling power to advertise a product.

Fraud detection platform, Forensiq rated ClickBooth as an excellent CPA network.

ClickBooth has a robust framework of tracking and measuring affiliate marketing results which can be utilized as the input of future campaigns.

Moreover,  ClickBooth also assists their advertisers and affiliates by providing dedicated affiliate managers who can guide them in the whole end-to-end procedure.

The company guarantees weekly payments, and host thousands of unique offers which are divided into more than 20 niches.


Crakrevenue has been awarded as the top CPA networks in 2018. With their experience of more than a decade in the field of affiliate marketing, the CPA network has one of the most lucrative offers for affiliates and advertisers.

CrakRevenue has three types of affiliates, namely active, VIP, Elite in the ascending order.

CrakRevenue has one of the most user-friendly analytics and research tools that allow you to monitor your affiliate marketing campaigns from a simple dashboard.

You will get detailed information about the statistics, numbers, user behavior that will impact your upcoming online campaigns.

With the help of their platform, you don't have to worry about tracking and monitoring user behavior. You can invest your resources in brainstorming ideas and providing valuable content on your website that encourages users to get their desired actions.

There are minimum payment rules for different payment options.

Minimum, you should have $100 to transfer the amount to your account. Depending on the payment terms, you will be paid after 7, 15, or 30 days after the last day of the payment period.


W4 is based in Los Angeles. The company has one of the trustworthy CPA network systems for advertisers and publishers.

W4 offers a vast array of creative campaigns and lucrative offers that can skyrocket your affiliate sales like no other. the payment provided by the team is one of the best in the market.

The company also provides expert advice and one-to-one assistance for different procedures. For high qualifying publishers, W4 provides custom CPC, CPC CPM campaigns which are highly converting.

You will be given and account manager who will assist you with all your questions and entertain your problems anytime. The team of W4 is professional and proficient in what they do.


With more than seven years of experience in the field of CPA networks, Convert2Media has been a profitable network for not only affiliate marketers but advertisers.

Convert2Media has an experienced team of talented affiliate managers, marketers, and associates who can assist you in dynamically covering your affiliate marketing goals and provide lucrative offers.


AffiliaXe has one of the most exciting offers and tools to skyrocket affiliate marketers’ income to a whole new level.

To use their offers in your affiliate marketing campaigns, you need to submit an application which will be assessed by the highly responsive team at AffiliaXe.

Then, once your application has been accepted and confirmed, the team of AffiliaXe will connect you with one of their talented affiliated managers who will further assist you to use and strategies dynamic offers for readers.

This CPA network has lucrative offers that belong to more than 25 verticals. As a member of the CPA network, you will get access to the exclusive offers and affiliate programs that you can leverage and earn a handsome commission. You also get a $1,000 welcome bonus when you sign up.


ReflexAffiliates is one of the most reliable CPA networks for both advertisers and affiliates.

They have a secured payment method where affiliates are paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Based on the choices of the affiliate, the payment will be transferred via Paypal, Wire, Section, ePayments.

They have developed a collection of local and international brands that have lucrative affiliate programs for publishers. 

Just like other leading CPA networks, ReflexAffiliates also provide a dedicated affiliate manager to the affiliates to guide, consult, or assist for 24x7.

The company also hosts regular parties and networking events at their Barcelona HQ office where you can meet other affiliates and your manager to grow your professional network.


Do let us know what do you think about affiliate marketing as a whole and the CPA networks which are discussed in this article.

In your affiliate marketing career, if you have used any of the networks discussed in this post, share your experience.