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What is Native Advertising and top 10 Native Ads Platforms

It is not surprising to see that many digital marketers fumble a little when it comes to explaining native advertising accurately. The best ones, however, can see beyond the veil. It is the newest technique in Content Marketing, and when done right, the results the tremendous.

Your digital tally of the day has over the years become a critical element of your daily routine. This tally is a total of your social media feeds, statuses, stories YouTube views and whatnot. This tally is your DAILY FEED.

A Native Advertisement is coherently placed within this feed without disrupting its continuous nature. It is paid content but non-disruptive. Examples include:

  • A vlogger promoting a product/tool/software in between his script
  • Promoted Twitter Posts, Suggested Facebook/Instagram Posts
  • Whenever you see a “recommended by”, “sponsored post”, “recommended for you” and other such persuasive but not pushy recommendations along with your feed

And more.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of people who have digital lives want to learn about products through content rather than traditional ads.

This fact is clear as statistics show that Native ads receive 53% higher views than disruptive old-school ads. They are known to boost purchase intent and are the fastest-growing advertising segment these days for both publishers and advertisers. 

A Study on Native Video Advertising by IAB outlines that they command 50% market share when it comes to video ad spending." It is good news for publishers, and growth rates suggest even higher numbers for 2019.

Its major advantages include:

  • Lower CPC and higher CTR, which is an ideal equation for any content marketer. Content-based ads are highly appealing to enlightened readers.
  • They are non-disruptive. Hence, they don’t give a feel of persuasion and hence not like ads.
  • Content-based ads have a higher approval rating compared to Ad Words or Facebook, as rich content quotient is comparatively higher.
  • Affiliates can borrow the trust of publishers and make good on secure networks that offer huge consumption, for example, Forbes and CNN.

In a nutshell, Native Advertising offers millions of dollars, even billions in market share for publishers and advertisers. Hence, let’s look at the curated list of top 10 native ads platforms offering the best resources to both.

#1 Taboola


It is the go-to choice for most publishers and advertisers. It attracts more than a billion unique visitors a month. If you're advertising through Taboola publishers, then your content can end up at places like NBC, USA Today, and the Tribune.

It is a perfect choice if you are targeting Asian traffic. It gives a CPC of .01 to .03 cents. For the US it's higher and goes to .10 cents. However, with Taboola, you never get below .02-.04 cents.

  • Minimum Traffic Required: 1 Million unique page views per month
  • CPM Rates: S2 and above

You get payments every 45 days. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $100. Payoneer is the only payout option.


MGID has a vast network of reputed publishers and is and is in the digital marketing trade since 2004. Your messages and content reach filtered and targeted audiences. Essential time statistics allow native ads to become active in your target feeds at the right time.

  • Minimum Traffic Required: 300,000 unique page views per month
  • CPM Rates: anywhere from 30 Cents to $2

Payments are made every 30 days. MGID also has a minimum threshold of $100, but payment options are variable, including Wire Transfers, Webmoney and PayPal.

#3 Outbrain

Another top-rated platform for publishers and advertisers, Outbrain has been beating the digital advertising game since 2006. It offers it's users a premium quality of visibility and advertising.

Outbrain algorithm uses intelligent filters to bring in content together from product-oriented ads and transforms them into content-oriented versions. Some of its top publishers like Sky News, boast of over 10 million page views a month.

#4 RevContent 

If you are a seasoned player and want to bring in the big bucks, then this is the native ads platform for you. It has publisher payouts that high up to $40 RPM. Quality sites bringing in decent traffic are ideally suited for RevContent.

It is the go-to option for some huge names, including Forbes!

  • Minimum Traffic Required: 3 million unique page views per month
  • CPM: goes up to $3 (very competitive)

It has a lower payment threshold of $50 that you can withdraw through PayPal.

#5 AdNow

Being a comparatively new native advertising platform has not stopped AdNow from creating a strong and growing network of publishers. With over 150,000 publishers, the platform offers ads that are widget-based.

If you are starting your website and have just started garnering views, then it is a perfect choice as it allows mid-level and small-level publishers and bloggers.  It has an impressive list of clients that include Amazon.

If you have been rejected by top platforms like Outbrain, Taboola and RevContent, don’t worry, you will be accepted here.

  • Minimum Traffic Required: No traffic will also do
  • CPM: $0.1 to $2

The payment module is very flexible with a 15-day withdrawal function. Minimum payout threshold is far less compared to other networks. You need to earn only $20 to make a withdrawal. It supports all major payment networks like PayPal.

#6 Content.Ad

The performance of this native ad network can be compared any given day with the giants like Taboola and Outbrain. Key features include

  • An extensive network of publishers and advertisers
  • Easy approval process
  • Rejections elsewhere can turn into approvals here

Content.Ad brings in a whopping 20 Billion page views a month. Cash in on a fraction of this number, and you're golden!

They offer eCPM widgets that create customized ad units for your domain in minutes. There are numerous options to choose from and design the perfect campaign.

You need at least 30000 page views a month to get on this platform. The CPM rates can go as high as $2. It follows a 30-day payment rollout policy and supports significant payment networks.

#7 AdBlade


Many specialist marketers have a lot of good words to put in for AdBlade, which has established a pre-dominance in B2B digital advertising. It is one of the most innovative content-based ad platforms out there.

If an online ad has a label marked “advertisement” in the corner, it is most probably being run by AdBlade. Yes, that’s how big they are. They need at least 500000 page views a month from you for you to be able to list with them.

Some of the most prominent content-driven websites display AdBlade Ads including:

  • Esquire
  • Fox News
  • Business Week

With a 100% fill rate for US traffic, it is one of the best choices out there for traffic churning bloggers and affiliates. The CPM and CPA for Asian traffic are lower than western rates. However, you can make $0.50 to $1 based on your vertical.

It has a standard payment threshold of $100 and rolls out payments every 30 days. 

#8 Popin


This native advertising network has been operational since 2008 and was merged with Baidu in 2015. It has a strong network of publishers and advertisers and brings in 35 Million reads/views in a day and has an impressive client list including: 

  • Gizmodo Japan
  • LifeHacker Japan
  • AOL News

And more. 

It is an excellent choice if you are heavy on Asian traffic and are looking for effective monetization.

#9 EngageYa

 Another strong network of publishers and advertisers, EngageYa garners a humongous 40 billion monthly impressions. It means tremendous opportunities for advertisers to expand reach and publishers to monetize their web assets. 

Their zero maintenance widgets are easy to use. You can employ them to offer native ad placements that translate instantly into revenue. Geo-native targeting allows your content to translate automatically to the native language. Such features make the ad network highly appealing across verticals.

If you are looking to build your own Native Ad Network, then EngageYa offers complete network solutions that allow you to introduce your clients to native ads effortlessly, opens up new channels of monetization. You also native ad widgets like: 

  • Branded Articles
  • Native Videos and more

#10 Adsterra

The Adsterra native advertising network spans 190 different geographic locations and delivers over 22 Billion monthly impressions. With this platform, you get access to 8000+ publishers. 

As for publishers, this network is known for offering the most competitive CPM rates in the industry. They guarantee a 100% fill rate for your ads.

They have specialized in-house systems and employ other third part fraud detection tech to protect your campaigns against common threats like bad ads. They offer numerous responsive formats for native ads covering both desktop and mobile traffic.

Publishers can choose from a range of payment models like CPM, CPA, CPL, and CPO & CPI. Adsterra offers micro-optimization features that allow you to optimize your campaigns according to minuscule factors like budget, frequency, and time, among others.

They have a 15–day payment rollout period and support major payment options.

Native advertising is already becoming the predominant form of online content marketing. Putting your story across and projecting quality through effort is the new expectation benchmark for any brand.

So choose your platform wisely and make the most out of your campaigns.