Senior Marketing Manager, PPC

  • The Steritech Group, Inc.
  • Wyomissing, PA, USA
  • Sep 09, 2019
Contractor/Freelance Marketing Manager

Job Description

Purpose of Position


The Senior Marketing Manager will lead the Search Marketing Team. The overall purpose of the role is to drive relevant search traffic to Rentokil’s portfolio of websites and social channels. A key element of the role will be ensuring that our Search Strategy is fit for purpose and addresses any external changes; such as changes in the Google’s Search Algorithm, or changes in target audiences’ search behaviours.


The Senior Marketing Manager will be accountable for helping to identify the keyword set that drives maximum profit across our target sectors. This keyword set will be used to inform our on-going Digital Content Marketing Plan, will form the basis of our Paid Search Strategy and approach to targeting and nurturing B2B brands. The target sectors are national B2B brands and Residential customers. 


The Senior Marketing Manager will support the creation of our Paid Search Strategy and will lead the tactical implementation of this strategy across the Rentokil. 


The Senior Marketing Manager will collaborate with the Digital Performance team at RNA, who is responsible for the Technical SEO performance of our current web estate this will include SEO content recommendations, maintenance of sitemaps and backlink profiles. Collectively, this team will determine our local search performance approach; covering all elements of local search - local citations, local backlink profiles, GMB listings, local reviews and local web pages targeting key cities. The digital assets to support the delivery of our organic performance will be delivered by the M&I Marketing Services Team along with the Digital Performance team at RNA.


In-line with Retokil’s acquisition strategy, the Senior Marketing Manager will support regional marketing teams in the migration of acquired brands to Master Brands and our approach to maintaining the search performance of acquired websites.


The Senior Marketing Manager will work closely with the Director of Digital Experience to define our future digital estate, to deliver Rentokil's growth targets while maximising the ROI on our Digital Marketing spend. 


Primary or Key Responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:

The Head of Search Marketing is accountable for driving the ROI across our search marketing activities this will include defining a holistic data based Search Strategy including:

  • Drives the ROI on all search channels
  • Analysis of converting audiences, channels and keywords to define a holistic Search Strategy - organic, paid and ‘social’
  • Based on our target audience and converting keywords informs the Digital Content Marketing Plan and leads the implementation of the Paid Search Strategy
  • Responsible for collaborating with Digital Experience team on technical requirements to maintain the search performance of the websites including local search performance

Additional Information

The key elements of the role are detailed below:

  • Owner of the Search Strategy and its component elements; this strategy will be built on a deep understanding of the keywords across the purchase funnel that drive profitable conversions, an assessment of competitors’ Search Strategy, external changes in the search landscape and the search behaviours of our target segments and sectors. 
  • Lead the implementation of the Search Strategy in the organic and paid channels. This will include liaising with the Digital Experience team and the Brand and Content team to ensure an aligned Digital Content Marketing Plan, working with the Regional Marketing Directors and external agencies to implement the Paid Search Strategy 
  • Maximise the return on PPC campaigns by identifying key search terms by audience, B2B, SME and B2C, and device that convert to our most profitable contracts/job work. A secondary focus of PPC Campaigns will be to build our brand awareness and association with ‘Pest Control’ terms, with our most profitable audiences.
  • Inform the Digital Content Marketing Plan to ensure that we are targeting and converting our most profitable audiences in the organic channel.
  • Evaluating the impact of any changes in the Google Search Algorithm on the organic SEO performance of our websites.
  • Predictive modelling of search terms based on seasonal and weather/temperature variations; defining proactive banner and display advertising campaigns based on historic search performance.
  • Work with the Senior Marketing Manager - SEO to define and implement a strategy to target national ‘high volume search’ locations, through localised content and supported by strong local advertising. The local content will target high volume local terms and address key visitor needs to drive local conversions.
  • Define and roll-out a hyper-local paid search approach targeting key cities, to include branded paid search, protecting our brand from competitors, re-marketing and where required display campaigns to build local brand awareness.
  • Define and support local markets in optimising their local search footprint covering all elements of local search - GMB listings, local citations, local link acquisition and the roll-out of reviews and recommendations.
  • Track and monitor the performance of local competitors across organic and paid channels to understand their approach to keyword targeting, local citation and link building and paid search strategy. These insights will be used to inform our Local Search Strategy.
  • Work with the Senior Marketing Manager -SEO to build a strong local brand and its association with ‘Pest Control’ terms in ‘high volume search’ locations.


Maximising Return on Investment - Data Driven Insights and Revenue Attribution Modelling

  • Drive an agenda and culture of actionable insight based on a deep ‘data driven’ understanding of our audiences and their data touch points along the purchase funnel.
  • Build a view of our most profitable customer audiences, by segment, sector and keyword, based on total life cycle revenue and profitability; including understanding the role of digital in driving enquiries into the business. This insight will be used as a foundation for defining Rentokil’s future digital estate.
  • Track core audience Rentokils, B2C, SME and B2B, and their digital journeys across all digital platforms including public domain websites, internal customer extranets and social channels. 
  • Support the Senior Marketing Manager - Customer Experience on any data insights required to quantify current digital journeys by sector.
  • Design and work with the business and GIS to develop and implement all necessary back office processes and systems to track web generated sales revenue.


Developing our Digital Expertise


  • Build a view of the impact of changes in the external search landscape on the future direction of Rentokil's Digital Marketing Strategy and Search Strategy.
  • Continuous monitoring of digital competitors and their strategy across channels and digital functionality; identification and incorporation of best in class methodologies into Rentokil's Digital Strategy and platforms.
  • Drive internal best practice and ensure that the Search Marketing Team is aware of and delivering in-line with external best practice.
  • Routine evaluation of new technologies and changes in the areas of search algorithms, semantic/conversational search, audience targeting and new digital advertising opportunities.
  • Actively support the development of the Search Marketing Team to meet both the Rentokil’s business requirements and individual career aspirations and personal development plans.
  • Support the local ‘in-country’ marketing teams in building and improving their digital capability. 


Personal Characteristic


  • Fast paced, with an ability to use data insights to drive demonstrable business benefits; data driven but with an ability to consider relevant qualitative factors.
  • Strong collaborative leader with a track record in developing/shaping a digital marketing team and a commitment to motivating a team and maximising their potential development and contribution.
  • Strong mentoring skills and experience in changing a team culture.
  • Commercially focused with a proven track record in driving business benefits and return on investment.
  • Has a strong customer and ‘end user’ focused approach and is prepared to go over and above what is required to meet the expectations of customers.
  • Experience multi-tasker with an ability to prioritise and deliver at pace across a number of projects and initiatives.
  • Resilient self-starter with the ability to self-manage and deliver in the face of competing priorities.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deliver a high quality product within a tight timeframe.
  • Strong communication skills with a demonstrated ability to work and build relationships with a variety of stakeholders across all levels in the organisation.



  • Deliver Results
    • Ambition to achieve goals/objectives and the discipline, organization and perseverance to deliver outstanding customer service.
    • Focus on delivering improved performance.
    • Demonstrate understanding of what high performance looks like in their area of the business.
    • Set challenging goals for self and others.
    • Seek feedback from others in order to plan performance improvement to achieve goals.
    • Appear energized and energizes others by exceeding set goals.
    • Develop clear and realistic targets and plans for self and others, to ensure optimum delivery of specific objectives.
    • Strives to overcome perceived obstacles.
    • Challenges established ways of doing things to achieve goals more effectively.
  • Act Commercially
    • Ability to gather and make sense of large amounts of information and apply it to make business and customer focused decisions.
    • Analyze problems thoroughly and make good and timely decisions.
    • Use understanding of trends and patterns in business data to develop business plans, actions or processes.
    • Research the competitive environment to identify opportunities and threats.
    • Use financial and business information to identify key activities that are linked to high performance.
    • Review the business processes and activities in order to seek improvement.
    • Make tough business decisions in light of customer and commercial requirements.
  • Manage Self
    • Manage emotions to remain calm, focused and optimistic while dealing with a constant stream of demands.
    • Display courage.
    • Show awareness of both positive and negative impact on others and how this affects outcomes.
    • Adapt behavior to positively affect outcomes.
    • Express a belief that they and colleagues possess the capability to resolve challenging issues.
    • Ask for feedback from others and uses this to plan development.
    • Resolute in sticking to decisions that are beneficial to the business, even if they are not popular.
  • Coach and Develop
    • Encourage long term development of others to build capability.
    • Provide structure and consistent feedback.
    • Provide specific positive and balanced feedback for developmental purposes.
    • Give negative feedback in behavioral rather than personal terms.
    • Provide suggestions to others on how to tackle areas for development.
    • Use the information from the Performance Development Review to identify strengths and areas for development for others.
    • Celebrate success.
  • Work with Others
    • Build relationships and collaborating with others (e.g. customers, colleagues, partners & suppliers) to achieve our mission.
    • Involve others.
    • Seek input and opinions from others to help make a specific decision.
    • Build and maintain positive relationships in the team by valuing others’ contribution and experience.
    • Demonstrate willingness to learn from others’ experience and contribution.
    • Work in partnership with others to achieve individual and team objectives.
    • Take initiative to resolve conflict through listening to all parties.
  • Display Leadership
    • Ability to inspire others to achieve Rentokil North America’s objectives and to hold them accountable for high standards of performance. 
    • Make the team effective and hold individuals to account.
    • Create the environment that enables the team to perform at its best (e.g. engaging others in the vision, providing appropriate structure, getting the right people, keeping up morale).
    • Effectively delegates’ responsibility, providing support as required.
    • Demand high levels of performance, quality of service, and holds people to account by ensuring targets are met.
    • Recognize as the natural ‘go to’ person.
    • Develop relationships across the teams and inspires others to achieve results.

Job Requirements


Degree/Diploma Obtained

Program of Study


High School Diploma or GED

Bachelor’s degree


  • A minimum of 5-7 years digital experience and preferably in a B2B service industry
  • Undergraduate degree (preferably with an analytical background).Knowledge of digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords.
  • Advanced spreadsheet skills and an ability to process and make sense of large amounts of data.


Years of Experience

Type of Experience



B2B/B2C Marketing


  • Progressively responsible pesticide control management experience for at least 2 to 3 years
  • Experience in developing a holistic search strategy complete with supporting data analysis.
  • Commercially focused with experience of delivering business value through the use of data.
  • Ability to define and deliver a portfolio of projects based on customer search hypotheses and data insights.
  • Capable of managing multiple stakeholders with potentially conflicting requirements.
  • Previous experience of managing and developing a team.
  • Proficient in SEO, PPC, social and associated tracking and monitoring tools; particularly around keyword targeting and planning.